During an interview earlier this week, rock duo The Black Keys revealed that they once had a less-than-friendly run-in with Jelly Roll -- in fact, he asked them if they wanted to brawl!

This happened back in 2010, and to hear band mate Patrick Carney tell it, he was attending a Nashville show where rapper Yelawolf was on the bill. Yelawolf is a friend of Jelly's -- they've collaborated multiple times through the years, and Yelawolf is featured on one of the tracks of Jelly's Whitsitt Chapel album, called "Unlive" -- so it's not too surprising that Jelly was also at that show.

Carney was with a director and writer friend named Harmony Korine that night. At one point, Jelly overheard Carney say something to Korine that he interpreted as a joke at his expense. The then-little known artist bristled -- and, Carney says, "just scared the living crap out of me" by asking him to fight.

That brawl never came to pass, and over a decade later, the Black Keys don't have any bad blood with Jelly. The feeling's mutual from Jelly's side, too, according to a new interview that the country superstar gave to Comedy Central's The Daily Show.

"I'm embarrassed to say it's a true story. I was fresh out of jail, and I was battling those -- I still had those habits with me," the singer said when asked why he approached Carney that day.

"I was just a very, very insecure human being," he added, making sure to underscore one important part of the story: The growth and mental transformation that he's been able to achieve in the years since that incident.

"It's the 'who I was' and 'who I am' thing again, right? Man, God softened my heart," Jelly continued. "Looking back at that kid, I kinda laugh. I got blushing when you brought it up 'cause I was embarrassed, a little bit. I was so entitled and so angry, and everything was about me. I thought they were joking and laughing at us 'cause I was used to being in that kind of a situation. It was all about ego, man."

Jelly also made it crystal-clear that he holds no animosity against Carney or the duo.

"By the way, I love y'all, Black Keys. It's all peaceful. I won't try to fight you again. It's all good," he says with a chuckle. "I think the music's incredible. I wish y'all well."

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