While Jelly Roll may seem like a genuinely nice guy, that didn't stop one rock act from backing down from a potential brawl with the popular artist.

How Jelly Roll and the Black Keys Almost Fought Each Other

The Black Keys recently sat down for an interview with Audacy.com ahead of the Riptide Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The rock duo was asked about a rumored Nashville run-in with Jelly Roll, who also was part of the festival's lineup.

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Drummer Patrick Carney launched into the story of what happened the night of the 2010 incident.

"I was with a friend of ours, Harmony Korine, we were in Nashville at this hip-hop show," Carney said. "Yelawolf was just coming out, starting to perform, and I went, and Jelly Roll was there."

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Korine is a director and writer known for films such as Kids and Spring Breakers. Carney said Jelly Roll overheard something Korine said and assumed it was about him.

"Jelly Roll thought we were making fun of him, and he just rolled up on me and just scared the living crap out of me," Carney said. "Like, 'Do you wanna go?' And I was like 'Nope, I'm good dude, nice to meet you, though."

Do the Black Keys and Jelly Roll Get Along Now?

While the two acts recently shared a festival stage, the Black Keys say they have never discussed the 2010 incident. Carney does believe they're "cool" now when it comes to getting along with Jelly Roll.

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"He seems a lot different," Carney said. "He was angry then."

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AmericanSongwriter.com noted Carney's assessment of Jelly Roll's personality is likely true, citing an article from the Guardian when the singer said he was once a "broken man."

"Through music, the singer has explained that he managed to help turn things around," AmericanSongwriter.com reported.

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