A student performing a cover of Jelly Roll's "Save Me" during a recent school talent show not only caught the attention of judges, but also Jelly Roll himself.

The Entire School Started Singing With the Boy

Tabitha Ferguson shared a video of her son, Gage, performing the song at the talent show on TikTok last week. In the video, Gage softly sings as he strums a guitar.

Moments later, students in the crowd join the boy in singing "Save Me." The performance won top honors at the talent show.

The West Virginia mother shared the video in hopes of reaching Jelly Roll.

"Help get this to Jelly Roll, it would make my boy's day," she says in her TikTok post.

It worked — Tabitha later found a comment from the star on the video.

"This is incredible — wow man — hell yea!" Jelly Roll writes in his message. "And playing the guitar at the same time — hearing the crowd sing with him is special."

Jelly Roll also shared the video of Gage on his Instagram, giving the student even more attention for his talent.

"He will be over the moon when he gets home from school and finds out you commented on his video," Tabitha writes.

Gage Honored by His School for Being A 'Star'

The school later included Gage's interaction with Jelly Roll as part of their daily announcements.

"There's a star in a building," a woman can be heard saying over the school's PA system in another video shared on TikTok.

Gage is in the video trying to hold back a smile as the voice recites how many views and "likes" his video has received.

"That's amazing," the woman says. "So when you pass him in the hall, you might want to ask for his autograph."

"When I say proud mom moment, it's an understatement," mom Tabitha writes via Facebook. "My boy wore that guitar out and sung so good."

This is far from the first time Jelly Roll has reached out to a fan after seeing their post on social media — earlier this month, he hopped into the comment section of a fan's TikTok to offer bail money to a concert-goer who climbed to the top of the venue where he was performing in Ohio.

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