Jennifer Nettles has released a visually captivating PSA to preview the upcoming music video for her current single "I Can Do Hard Things." A first look at the official video premiered on NBC's TODAY  Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda on Friday (March 22).

The female-empowering anthem was written by Nettles and produced by Julian Raymond. The song has become a platform for Nettles to further her quest showcasing incredible women, as well as create music that relates to and empowers them.

In a newly released PSA video that was filmed in Nashville and New York with director Katie Kauss, viewers are shown the harsh realities women overcome, and just how they get through their personal "hard things." As Nettles believes, it is the hard things that not only make us stronger but also bring us together.

The singer says in a press release: “This song took on a life quickly and unexpectedly. For me, in writing it, I was just writing my own truth and story. But what I have come to see is that so many women share this truth and that inspired me to make an invitation.

"This video is an invitation to a community; the beginning of a beautiful tapestry of women sharing their stories of doing hard things. This kind of community is both sword and shield. When you share your own story, you own your power. And when you own your power, it is harder for someone to take it from you.

"When you share in community, you protect each other’s power and that makes it even harder for someone to take it from you," she concludes. "Owning your power is a shield that says, 'You can’t take this from me!' Holding your sister’s power is a sword in front of her that says, 'Don’t even THINK about trying to take this from her!'”

Meet the Women Who Appear in “I Can Do Hard Things”

Jaime Combs: A former business owner and stylist, she’s an advocate for the transgender community, as well as a wife, mother, and grandmother.

Morgan Leigh Garner: A singer/songwriter, mother and Army wife who is raising her family, chasing her music dreams and holding down the home front, as her husband serves our country as a Special Forces solider.

Kate Davis: A photographer who also works as a chief of staff for an actress/activist, she’s adopting a baby as a proud single woman.

Audrey Ynigez-Gutierrez: A graduate research assistant, she is a care-giver to her disabled mother.

Holly Gleason: A journalist and consultant, she has spent the last two years quietly battling the profound aftermath of a #MeToo sexual assault.

Ali Harnell: A high-level career concert and event promoter, she has been chosen as the president of Live Nation’s Woman Nation to empower women in the entertainment industry.

Danielle Randolph: An active firefighter and member of the National Guard, she challenges perceptions of women in male-dominated industries.

Caroline Randall Williams: An award-winning poet, performance artist and food writer, who creates art that tells the untold stories of women of color in her life and in the world.

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