'American Idol' first brought the idea of reality singing shows to its current fame on FOX. Then, NBC came back with their creative spin on the traditional show with 'The Voice,' which included coaches, mentors and teams rather than judges and contestants. And now, ABC is bringing a mentoring show of their own to this summer's television lineup: 'Duets,' which premieres this May.

As we previously reported, 'Duets' is a show that takes celebrity-insight spin on the classic singing reality show. Rather than hosting auditions for the next big star, 'Duets' will send four celebrities out into the world to find their best duet partner, and then the duo will perform together on television. The four celebrities taking the show this season include Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles, Kelly Clarkson, Lionel Richie and Robin Thicke. All but Nettles are currently working as mentors on 'The Voice' as well.

In a promo for the upcoming series, Nettles seems more than excited about her role in the debut season, saying, “I think the element of performance with our partners on this show makes it different. To be able to watch the arc of the beginning of a career is super thrilling – really thrilling." She later adds, "I'm gonna have fun with it -- that's my plan." When she first announced that she would be appearing on the show, Nettles offered a little insight into what she'll be looking for in a duet partner (and, no, she's not going to pick Kristian Bush).

“For my tastes, I’m looking for BIG voices, males and females, who can sing diverse, dynamic music,” she wrote on her blog. “If you have a strong, dynamic, voice, and if you like singing all types of powerful music, you could be my guy/girl. Ladies, I know there are a ton of you out there. Guys, I need you too!!! I HAVE to find the yin to my yang. The ebony to my ivory. The Captain to my Tennille. The…you get the point. If you enjoy performing, and know you have chops, bring it on!!!”

Tune in to the season premiere of 'Duets' Thursday, May 24 at 8PM ET on ABC.