Jet Jurgensmeyer is looking to lift people up with his new song, "This Is Your Moment," and he's letting Taste of Country fans hear it first in this exclusive premiere.

Jurgensmeyer is best known for his role as Boyd Baxter on Fox' Last Man Standing, but he's also crossed over into music with the release of his previous single, "Real World," which was co-written by Sabrina Carpenter. Jurgensmeyer is offering an unapologetic shot of positive energy in "This Is Your Moment," his latest recording project.

"This is your moment / Own it / You gave it everything you had and now you've done it / You've won it / No one can ever take it back from you / So live it up / Soak it in / Spread your wings and ride the wind / You've earned it / You deserve it / We all know it / This is your moment," he sings in the chorus.

The 14-year-old actor and singer originally hails from Nashville, and while his family now splits their time between Music City, Missouri and California as he pursues various entertainment projects, one of his principal hobbies is still playing guitar. He hopes that "This Is Your Moment" will serve as an inspiration to fans who hears its positive message.

"I love the message this song has. We can all shine in life!" he tells us. "Overcome your fears and limitations because this is your moment."

For more information about Jet Jurgensmeyer, visit his official website, or follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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