It's hard to believe it's been 17 years since Jewel first shot to fame with her multi-platinum album 'Pieces of You.' She's recorded and toured consistently since then, and the singer-songwriter is getting ready to release a career-spanning retrospective that will also contain new duets with Kelly Clarkson and Pistol Annies.

"I just wanted to do some duets with some artists I really liked and some voices I like," she tells Billboard. "Kelly was amazing. She was a hoot to have in the studio. She had done 'Foolish Games' in several talent shows prior to 'American Idol,' so she really knew it. I'm such a fan of her voice and love what she added to the song. She was so effortless on it. It's neat to hear it in her new light."

The acoustic-based performer is equally effusive about her other special guests. "And with Pistol Annies, I love them," Jewel exclaims of the trio. "I think they're cool, and I was really excited Miranda [Lambert] and the girls wanted to be on it. We had a lot of fun."

Jewel has picked most of the songs for the collection, which is slated for release on Feb. 5 of 2013. She will embark on a promotional tour after that, and she also says she has a country album completely written, as well as ideas for a number of different future projects. But the musician -- who's married to rodeo star Ty Murray and has a 17-month-old son, Kase Townes Murray -- says she's not sure which one will come next.

"I don't know how much stomach I have for another big release with lots of promotion," she reflects, "so we'll have to see which way I decide to go."

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