Even comedians-turned-actors-turned-late-night-talk-show-hosts like Jimmy Fallon want to be country stars! When Darius Rucker performed his easy, breezy, carefree hit 'I Don't Care' on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' last night, he was joined by the TV host. Fallon, wearing a dapper black suit, took the stage in a 10-gallon hat that concealed his eyes and proceeded to sing the second verse of the song, cradling his mic as though he had been practicing for this very moment in front of a mirror for days.

Fallon seemed really into the song, singing and dancing as though country music is his favorite genre. Fallon and Rucker demonstrated an easy chemistry as a duo; even Rucker himself, dressed in jeans, a tee and a gray leather jacket, looked entertained by Fallon's onstage presence as the comic/host grooved to the beat, shook his thang back and forth and interacted with the members of the band!

In case you were sleeping and missed the late night performance, we've got a remedy for you! You can watch the fun clip of Rucker with his new vocal guest star today -- just ski over to the end of the full episode clip below to catch the performance. Enjoy.