Joe Nichols has been releasing a series of classic country covers, and he takes on a song that played an important role in George Jones' career as he brings the season to a close.

Nichols chose to re-record "Choices," a song that helped reinvigorate Jones' career after he released it as the first single from his album The Cold Hard Truth in 1999. Jones won a Grammy for Best Male Country Vocal Performance for the song.

"First of all, I've always been a George Jones fan," Nichols says in the video above. "I love his voice, I love what he did for country music, and I love his story."

Nichols particularly points to the song's message, which resonated even more with Jones' fans after the legend nearly died in a drunk driving accident in 1999. The iconic singer was scared straight for the rest of his life after the terrifying accident.

"The song is about kinda livin' the life that you kinda signed up for, and I can relate to that every day," Nichols states. "You know, some days are good, some days aren't, but you make a lot of choices that you live and die with. So I love this lyric, and I love the man who sang it."

"Choices" is the final installment this season in a string of classic country covers Nichols has been releasing every month titled Never Gets Old: Traditional Country Series. He launched it in March with a cover of Don Williams' "Good Ole Boys Like Me," and he's also covered the Charley Pride classic "The Rose Is for Today," Merle Haggard's "Sing Me Back Home" and Ronnie Milsap's "(There's) No Gettin' Over Me." Most recently, Nichols covered Keith Whitley's "Ten Feet Away."

"Choices" is now available for streaming and download via major digital platforms. Nichols also recently released a new single of his own, "Billy Graham's Bible," which is the second single from his ninth studio album, Never Gets Old.

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