Joe Nichols' "Undone" simply sizzles. The mid-tempo country song dispenses the usual cheeky wink that so often comes with one of the singer’s songs about physical love. This is Nichols looking you straight in the eye before he leans in to whisper things meant to buckle your knees.

Credit goes to Trevor Rosen (Old Dominion), Josh Osborne and Ross Copperman for piecing together simple, yet combustible ideas. "Undone" is an example of a song that in the wrong hands, it would fall flat. A less confident vocalist would not have found the needed patience and inflections that quietly make the story so effective.

If "Country Romeo" is where Nichols is headed, he’ll find plenty of room to work and a stadium full of fans shouting "Finally!" Sonically the song remains true to his traditional yearnings, but it doesn’t sound like a production someone like Conway Twitty would have embraced. That’s a good thing for Nichols' commercial career. Fans and critics are left to volley words about his lyrics and intentions, and that's where the focus should truly be.

Did You Know?: Nichols is a devout fan of traditional country music, but says one contemporary artist he really appreciates is Eric Church.

Listen to Joe Nichols, "Undone"

Joe Nichols' "Undone" Lyrics:

“Sunset is starting to cast some shadows on the wall / And if you’re thinking about me you don’t even have to call / If you wanna come on over baby I’m wanna let you / Been caught up in the moment from the moment I met ya / I’ve been watching the hands on the clock / And I’ve been leaving the latch unlocked.”

“Undone, like the buttons on your shirt / Undone, showing every single curve I want / You’re so bad baby / You know how to make me come / Undone, kissing all up on my neck / Undone, catching every single breath / I love, how easily you do something to me that just can’t be undone.”

“Girl you know you’re gonna start a fire when you touch me like that / So go ahead and pull me over the edge I won’t ever go back / Baby when you hold me I can’t hold it together / I got a little taste and I want it forever / Just watching your hair fall / Oh Girl you know how to get me all …”

“I just want to end up all tangled up / I just wanna get on after your love.”

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