John Fogerty's not sure collaborations between artists like Brad Paisley features on his new album, Love and War, would have happened in his heyday.

Paisley's latest album is full of star power. The country star and killer guitar player enlists the help of famous friends from across the board, ranging from rock legends Fogerty and Mick Jagger to pop and R&B singer Timbaland, all of whom contributed to the project.

Fogerty played a particularly significant role, co-writing and singing the album's title track with Paisley in a song that honors our veterans. While discussing his involvement with Paisley's new project, Fogerty tells Taste of Country that he doesn't believe that this type of wide-ranging collaboration would have happened  30 years ago, saying instead something of this nature would be more suited for a live album where a group of musical friends get together and perform on stage.

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"I don't think people thought of it quite like they do now, which to me it's really fun," Fogerty says about the idea of expansive collaboration. "It's engaging to have people interested in hearing like what Brad has done with me and Mick and Timbaland and Bill Anderson, who I dearly love. There's an acceptance let's say, people revere that sort of collaboration." Fogerty has been a legend in the world of rock and roll music for 50 years, from his days with Creedence Clearwater Revival to a successful solo career.

Paisley's Love and War, is available now. In addition to a traditional audio version of the album, the country superstar has also released an experimental visual album, which includes several videos for many of the songs, including "Last Time For Everything," “selfie#theinternetisforever," “One Beer Can” and more.

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