Big and Rich's John Rich wins the award for Nashville's best-kept secret! On Sunday afternoon (October 2), Rich took to his Twitter page to announce that he and his wife, Joan, became parents for the second time.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the world .. Colt Daniel Rich!" the proud dad tweeted. "He's a real 'Son of a Gun!' VERY Proud!!"

The new addition to the family was born on Thursday, Sept. 29, weighing in at 7 pounds, 14 ounces. Colt is the second son born to Rich and his wife, who are already the proud parents to 22-month-old Cash, born in January of 2010.

Following his win on 'The Celebrity Apprentice' earlier this year, Rich told Taste of Country that someday he hopes to make room in the band for Cash ... and now Colt, too!

"Cash is running around all over the place and jabbering a lot, which is cool," Rich said. "He can’t keep his hands off the guitar, and every time he sees it, he’s banging on it or strumming on it. It’s kind of funny. He doesn’t understand what I do, but I sit around and sing a lot in front of him and make up songs about him and stuff like that. I think that music is important for kids. He dances and bounces his knees up and down [laughs] … the first song he ever heard was ‘Ring of Fire’ by Johnny Cash. Literally, two minutes after he was born, they pulled him off the scale, and I hit my laptop computer and you hear the trumpets [to the intro of the song]. He’s had it around him, literally, his whole life. If he practices and becomes a good picker, I’ll put him in the [Big and Rich] band!"

With the arrival of Colt, the Big and Rich babies now total four. In addition to Colt and Cash, Rich's duo partner, Big Kenny, also has two sons: Lincoln William and Dakota Jefferson. Click here to read our exclusive interview with Big Kenny about music, babies and more.