John Rich had a legitimate concern on tonight's episode of 'Celebrity Apprentice.' The teams were tasked with creating a 30-second commercial for ACN's new video phone, with ACN execs emphasizing that playing to the public's emotion was pivotal for the challenge. Team Backbone, the men's team, elected to weave a gay theme into their creative commercial, which raised a red flag for Rich due to the team's decision to be risky rather than safe.

"I am a little concerned ACN might think it's funny but [that they] can't use it as a universal pitch for the company," Rich said, thinking like a well-rounded businessman. "If I was project manager, I would have gone for a more traditional approach, but [project manager] Lil Jon is a gambler."

Even as the commercial was being filmed, with Jose Canseco dressing in drag and Gary Busey acting as a grandfather, Rich continued to voice his fear that the team went overboard and didn't adhere to the company's emotional element, which makes sense, because the team was constructing a commercial for a major corporation. Rich continued, "It's such a gamble of a move and I think this company will think we went too far over the edge and that it's not a good pitch for their product."

When they went before Donald Trump, Lil Jon and the team acknowledged that they were taking a chance, especially since the company's tagline is to communicate without boundaries.

Turns out Rich's fears, while understandable, did not hinder the men from winning yet another challenge. The gamble paid off. We'll see John Rich again next week on 'Celebrity Apprentice.'