Each week John Rich will be making a short video for fans on his mailing list, taking viewers behind the scenes of the hit show 'Celebrity Apprentice.' On last week's season opener, Rich raised the most money for his team, and in his video update, he reveals that he thought the show was "off the charts funny" and that he "could not stop laughing at some of the stuff he saw" -- as well as his thoughts on some fellow contestants.

As for the verbal fight between 'Survivor' star Richard Hatch and baseball player Jose Canseco at the very end of the season premiere, Rich says, "I'm going to tell you right now, if Trump would have let Jose get away with just knocking Richard's head off, he absolutely would have done it! There was nothing made up about that at all."

Rich adds, "Richard Hatch really came in with his toolbox, tinkering on everybody, me included. He was really trying to figure out how to take us apart." The country star admits that everyone is a little worried about Hatch, as he is really smart and he has won a game like this before (the first series of 'Survivor').

Another moment that ended up on the cutting room floor was when show host Donald Trump asked each guy on the men's team who they thought their biggest star was. Trump went down the line, and when he got to Meatloaf, the rock star looked to his left, then his right and after along pause said, "I am, Mr. Trump. I'm the biggest star on the men's team."

"You know what, he probably is the biggest star on the men's team," Rich says, laughing. He adds, "He's one of the biggest stars in the world, music and Broadway and movies. It was a true honor to be sitting in a room with Meatloaf, much less to become friends with him."

Rich teases that on the next episode of 'Celebrity Apprentice,' which airs tomorrow, Meatloaf "steps up to the plate" and blows everyone away with his abilities to direct and to make a vision come to reality.

In his after-the-show video, Rich leaves us with three words about the next show: "Jose Canseco pantyhose." Watch that episode of 'Celebrity Apprentice' on Sunday night, March 12, on NBC, and be sure to read our recap of it on Taste of Country.