John Rich's new song 'For the Kids' is just that -- a charitable tune for children everywhere whose lives are threatened by various cancers.

In correspondence with his fundraising efforts on 'Celebrity Apprentice,' Rich brings us this heartfelt song about the kids fighting the fight of their lives.

The Big and Rich singer puts a spin on this sad story by describing a few young kids with cancer, who have no fear about moving forth and making the most of every minute. In the chorus he sings with all he's got, urging people to do the same and donate for an incredible cause:

"For the kids, we'd trade all of our tomorrows / And for the kids, we'd give our heart and souls / 'Cause they're the heroes of our lives / Fighting to survive / And so give all you can give / For the kids."

All proceeds from the sale of the Rich's 'For the Kids' go to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, to allow further headway in pediatric cancer research. Preview the track below, and purchase it on iTunes by clicking this link.

Preview John Rich's 'For the Kids'