Team Backbone keeps winning on 'Celebrity Apprentice,' and this week, the guys on the men's team, featuring John Rich, were challenged to create their own works of art in the form of paintings and baseball caps to be sold at an art gallery. Finally, in this episode, Rich took on the role of project manager.

When the team announced that Rich would be leading them through this task, Donald Trump was impressed, referencing the singer's cowboy-ness. "The only reason I am on this show is to raise more money than anyone in the history of this show," Rich said, as his charity of choice is St. Jude's. "I want to show Mr. Trump what country boys are capable of and how big our hearts can open up." For the challenge, Rich called in his big guns -- ahem, friends -- from Nashville, bringing them to New York with big checks to donate on these works of art.

Rich cracked the whip, telling all of his "charges" that he wants them to bring financial support to the table, in terms of having their friends come out to open their wallets and donate, and he was not taking "no" for an answer.

His job as project manager did not solely consist of being a motivator. He also had to deal with singer Meat Loaf blowing a gasket at the ever-exhausting Gary Busey. Rich diffused the situation like an effective manager, separating the two men and talking to Busey and attempting to get to the bottom of the problem and move forward. People are passionate about their charities, that's for sure, and Rich reminded Busey and Meat that they are working for a bunch of sick kids in a Memphis and the negative energy wasn't going to help anyone, namely the kids they are there for.

"It's unfortunate that it happened, but when it was over, it let the steam off. When it was over with, everyone decided let's make great art and a lot of money," Rich said after the argument ended.

Rich was beyond stoked about the cavalcade of cowboy hats making their way to the Backbone Gallery in NYC. He joked that the hillbillies were in town, ready to write big checks for charity and drink the bar dry! 'Celebrity Apprentice' alum and country music superstar Trace Adkins also donated to Rich's cause. He was raking in $50,000 donations like it was his job. Well, it actually was his job.

Someone even donated $470,000 for a bedazzled guitar signed by the men's team. Rich was nearly moved to tears, because it showed how tightknit the country community is!

Rich's team had nothing but heaps of praise for his work as a project manager and Rich's team raised nearly $700,000, but were beaten by the women's team, who raised nearly a million bucks. Luckily, Rich and women's team manager Marlee Matlin made the deal, before finding out who won, to allow the losing team to keep their earnings for their charity.

Even though the losing team's project manager is usually fired, Rich was not. He will continue to work to raise money for St. Jude's.