New details in the case against Mark Christopher Sevier, the man accused of stalking John Rich, despite two restraining orders against him, show the two men's relationship is more complex than initially believed. Sevier calls the charges against him frivolous, saying he only wanted to talk sense into the singer.

During an interview with WZTV, a Fox TV affiliate in Nashville, Sevier alludes to an ongoing legal battle with Rich that he was hoping to settle via email. As previously reported, the two men were on opposite sides of a legal battle involving artist Shanna Crooks that was dismissed in 2011. Sevier also briefly represented Jared Ashley, a country artist who brought harassment and assault charges against Rich in 2009. Those charges were also dismissed.

WZTV reports that the photo Sevier allegedly sent Rich is very similar to the one shown above. It's a publicity shot for his band Ghost Wars, he says. That's Sevier dripping with blood, draped in the American flag. Several other photos use the flag as a prop.

"I blow the whistle against bullies and they push back, and they push back through any means they possibly can to hurt me in any way," Sevier says in the interview. Rich did not agree to an interview.

The 36-year-old Brentwood attorney will appear in court in July after posting $4,000 bond on June 23. The arrest warrant was issued in April, but police say they unsuccessfully tried to serve it nine times before finally catching up with Sevier.

Sevier lost his law license in 2011 after the Tennessee Supreme Court ruled he can't practice due to reasons of mental illness. New reports reveal his disability is related to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from his time serving in Iraq.