"I ain't gonna relax" was one of John Rich's first statements on last night's season finale of 'Celebrity Apprentice,' where he was one of the last two celebs standing. He can relax now, for real, as he has won the title of 'Celebrity Apprentice'! Rich did say that he came not to hit a home run but a grand slam on the show. and he knocked it out of the park.

Congrats to Rich on the big win. But it wasn't easy by any stretch of the imagination.

Rich was stressing because his initial conversation with Def Leppard's tour manager didn't go well, and the '80s rock legends were a crucial part of his campaign to re-launch 7Up with some help from '80s cultural contexts and icons. But Rich's experience as a musician allowed him to navigate these murky waters. "I know the game, they can't bulls---- me" was Rich's response to dealing with the band and this snafu. His goal was to connect directly with the band through his love for the St. Jude charity, and it worked.

Rich's commercial was hilarious, by the way, when '80s singer Dee Snider of Twisted Sister was transformed by a sip of 7Up.

For his launch event for the lemon-lime flavored soda pop, Rich got onstage and sang, "7Up is rocking the country" and then announced Def Leppard's performance. However, the band was not on stage as Rich announced them, since things were running ahead of schedule and bands operate according to specific parameters when it comes to stage times, something Rich is well-versed in.

But rather than crumble or have the audience sit around and wait for Def Leppard, Rich leaped into action like he did so many other times this season. He grabbed an acoustic guitar and opened for them! He improvised, singing a song and asking Mr. Trump not to fire him. His ability to fill the space by getting up there and performing is what "separates the leaders from the followers," acknowledged fired castmate Star Jones, who is not shy about her "crush" on Rich.

Overall, it was a small detour, but it actually worked out better than the original plan, since the crowd got to enjoy some of Rich's tunes. When Def Leppard finally took the stage, rocking 'Pour Some Sugar on Me,' the crowd was fully into it. Disaster and crisis averted, courtesy of Superman John Rich.

Also, most of Rich's fired castmates felt he deserved the title of 'Celebrity Apprentice' since he had the season of all seasons, according to singer/TV host Mark McGrath.

During the final 20 minutes, there was a segment in which Rich visited St. Jude and met with some of the cancer patients, many of which are afflicted with some of the most aggressive forms of the disease. While Rich has worked with the charity for 15 years, he said he is even more passionate about it after having a child.

He met with a patient named Tiara, who also writes songs. It was enough to move viewers to tears, as Rich encouraged her and then performed for the sick kids.

Before Trump announced his decision, Rich and his "foe" Marlee Matlin put down the gloves and allowed their poker faces to lapse as they performed 'For the Kids' together, with Matlin signing the lyrics that Rich sang.

Before he was crowned 'Celebrity Apprentice' by Donald Trump, Rich did say he felt he deserved to win since his body of work during the season was superior. He said there was not one avenue or effort that he did not exhaust every resource. Trump could not argue with any of those points.

Once again, congratulations to John Rich, 2011's 'Celebrity Apprentice.'

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