With a decade of touring under his belt, Jon Wolfe felt it was time to put out his second live album. But this time, he would do it a little differently, as evidenced in the raw-and-rowdy live version of “Boots on a Dance Floor" that's debuting exclusively on Taste of Country today.

“I wanted to capture what my fanbase is all about,” Wolfe tells Taste of Country during a recent chat about his upcoming live album, Live at the Legendary Gruene Hall. "I wanted to go do my show and capture what this is all about, and that was my goal. I didn't want it too slick, and I didn’t want too many overdubs. Plus, I also wanted to find a way to give back to my fans and take them back to that night."

"This is for them," he says.

A standout of Wolfe's live shows is his hit single "Boots on a Dance Floor" — a song he says "has kind of set the bar for me."

"It certainly has been my biggest song, and I feel like it just represents me as an artist really well," the singer explains. "I have developed into that dance hall kind of guy, and lyrically, it does reference me and the crowd. This is like our theme song."

You can actually hear how much his fans adore this song when you listen to the live version.

"Going back and listening to this record, I still remember hearing certain people in the background yelling out and having a good 'ole time," Wolfe chuckles. "My fans know every word of every song from every album."

He knew going into the live album taping that he wanted to capture that singalong on tape forever.

"I was inspired by old Texas Troubadours' records," he recalls. "I wanted it to capture a live Texas honky-tonk at its best, and I think that’s exactly what we did. It’s just a big singalong with all my best friends."

Coincidentally, Wolfe returns to the famed Texas honky-tonk Gruene Hall this weekend for a two-night run.

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