The most soul-touching song on Josh Abbott Band's new album, Until My Voice Goes Out, comes last. A music video for "Ain't My Daddy's Town" is equally as emotional.

"Ain't My Daddy's Town" is a tribute to Abbott's late father, who died in March 2017. The song portrays an emotional moment for Abbott, who throughout the video is seen singing into a studio microphone while delicately holding his father's favorite hat.

He also begins the video by saying, "I didn't even change the hat size on this. It's a little big. Always is. I don't think you ever fit in your dad's clothes."

Josh Abbott Shares Story Behind "Ain't My Daddy's Town" 

As the song progresses, the lyrics also become strikingly real for Abbott on the second verse:

“Gonna have to scoot the seat up / In that old red Ford work truck / Take my mom out on a date / Make sure her bills aren’t paid late / Cut the turkey at Christmas / Trying not to tear up / Be tough as nails / Strong as oak / Just like him, I hope.”

That's the verse that Abbott revised to make more autobiographical to his real life situation. The song was originally written by Jaren Johnston and Rodney Clawson, who pitched the song to Abbott on Feb. 3, and he initially passed. That was just days before his dad's fatal stroke; the Texas singer began listening to the track so much after the experience, he eventually decided to alter the second verse lines and record it.

Until My Voice Goes Out featuring "Ain't My Daddy's Town" was released on Aug. 18.

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