'Touch,' the new song from the Josh Abbott Band, is a steamy love song that overcomes the singer's vocal limitations to put one right in a bedroom with the object of their desire. The lyrics are sharp and efficient, with every word adding an important brush stroke to a passionate portrait.

"Let's just lie here together, chasing forever / I can't get enough of your love / Brave and relentless, sweet and defenseless, / I can never get enough / Every time we touch," Abbott sings during the chorus.

The mid-tempo cut is the new single from the Texas country band's follow-up to their 2010 'She's Like Texas' album, which sparked a fire with hot songs like 'Oh, Tonight.' Effective use of a female background vocalist makes the challenging long notes towards the end of this one an even more enjoyable experience.

"A little longer, baby stay with me a little longer / I just want your touch again / Feel you body giving in," he sings alone during the first verse. The second verse begins similarly, but with one powerful difference before continuing with, "You're a bad liar / That smile gives away what you desire / You wanna feel my touch again."

Like so many great country songs, the words look flat on paper but Josh Abbott Band gives 'Touch' life with a clean and uncomplicated performance. This should be a big song for the now six-piece group.

Listen to Josh Abbott Band, 'Touch'