Six members of Josh Turner's road crew who were injured in Wednesday night's crash in California have been identified. David Turner, from Oxford, Miss., was killed when the crew's tour bus veered off the road and launched off a 50-foot-cliff and into a dry river bed.

Driver Bradley Dratnol (age 39) of Murfreesboro, Tenn., was also identified previously. He was transported to a nearby hospital in Fresno, Calif. The severity of his injuries and five of the six others is unknown, although they range from moderate to major, according to reports.

According to the San Luis Obispo Tribune, the others who sustained injuries include:

Carl Hardin (26) of Gallatin, Tenn.
Justin Lambert (26)
Richard Lazarus (56)
James Mayo (66)
John Dauphniee (59)
Jeb Downing (59) of Bethpage, Tenn.

Downing's injuries were the least severe of the eight men injured. The newspaper shares that he sustained minor injuries that did not require treatment. As a result of the accident, Turner has postponed all of his concerts that were scheduled for September.

Josh Turner and David Turner were not related, but David Turner had been the singer's sound engineer for over a decade.

Turner and his band were on a different bus at the time of the accident, which took place in San Luis Obispo County in California. The band had just finished playing Vina Robles Amphitheatre in nearby Paso Robles and were headed to Washington on Highway 46 when the bus veered off the road for unknown reasons, crashed through a fence and some vegetation and shot into the dry river bed. A trailer the bus was pulling flipped over on top of the bus, fire and rescue crews say.

California Highway Patrol is investigating the cause of the crash.

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