When he's not delivering personal devotions to God, Josh Turner has a sneaky sexiness that fans -- especially female fans -- have come to count on and appreciate. His new song, 'Time Is Love,' is that kind of song, but it's delivered with the originality of karaoke night.

The single -- Turner's first from his upcoming fifth studio album -- lacks heat. He delivers the story of a guy talking about why he needs to get home as if he's trying to convince himself that she's worth rushing for. "Time is love / Gotta run / Love to hang longer but I got someone who waits / Waits for me and right now she’s where I need to be / Time is love, gotta run," Turner sings during the chorus.

The second verse continues the narrative: "I only get so many minutes / Don’t wanna spend ‘em all on the clock / In the time that we spent talkin’, how many kisses have I lost."

Turner could sing the script from 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' and still have fans looking for more, so vocal quality is not the issue here. There is also a brilliant instrumental bridge that adds some color to an otherwise beige canvas. Few people are turned off by beige, so airplay shouldn't be a problem for 'Time Is Love.' But nobody's favorite color is beige.

Preview Josh Turner's 'Time Is Love'