Is anything more patriotic than hanging out on the National Mall on Independence Day? Probably not. That's exactly where Josh Turner will be on the Independence Day this year. Along with actor Matthew Broderick, composer John Williams and a number of Olympic athletes, Turner will perform a portion of the program, which is known as 'A Capitol Fourth.'

The performers will take the stage on the National Mall before the huge Washington, D.C., fireworks show. We're not sure yet what he'll be singing, but he has four popular No. 1 hits to choose from, including 'Your Man,' 'Would You Go With Me' and 'Why Don't We Just Dance.'

Surely Turner can use the show in Washington, D.C., as a way to promote his latest album, 'Punching Bag,' which was released last week (June 12). The 'Long Black Train' hitmaker won't have a lot of time for sightseeing in the Nation's Capitol, unfortunately. Shortly after his performance on July 4, Turner will continue his summer tour. For more information about Turner's tour dates, click here.