Dolly Parton and singer Queen Latifah hope to turn around a struggling gospel choir in the new movie 'Joyful Noise.' In the preview below, the two play upon their differences to create comedy. At least one restaurant scene promises to have audiences doubled over in laughter.

Latifah's character is named choir director, a position Parton's character very much wants. Their first competition doesn't go well. The judges are barely staying awake, and audience members are caught reading a book. To keep from having the program shut down, the two ladies work together to make some unconventional changes before a competition in Los Angeles.

A teenage love story further drives a wedge between the women. Latifah's daughter, played by Keke Palmer, gets cozy with Parton's grandson, played by Jeremy Jordan. Jordan's "Randy" is the one who re-energizes the group, but his flirty looks toward the director's daughter make Latifah hesitant to go along.

The movie looks like good clean fun. In this preview, Latifah throws quite a few zingers at Parton like "quit it with those nails, Edward Scissorhands" and "maybe you were five procedures ago" when Parton shouts, "Well I am who I am." The best may be Parton's quip that "God didn't make plastic surgeons so they could starve." IMDB reports 'Joyful Noise' will open in January 2012.

Watch the 'Joyful Noise' Movie Trailer