Country duo Jubal and Amanda had one of the best days of their lives at their Blind Auditions for The Voice, and not just because they made it to the next round. Though the couple say they have only been singing together for about 18 months, it sounded like they had been weaving their voices together for years.

Jubal comes from a family rooted in music. His father penned the famous Eagles tune “Seven Bridges Road,” which the couple decided to use as their audition piece. When one of your favorite memories is “lookin’ up at Waylon Jennings as he walked through our living room,” music has got to be in your blood.

Combine Jubal’s musical upbringing with Amanda’s career in music education and you’ve got a recipe for a solid duo.

The couple started their performance powerfully right out the gate, singing with a passion and joy clearly evident on their faces. Their voices soared together on the harmonies and made a big impression on Pharrell and Gwen Stafani, who both turned their chairs around.

After the song finished, it was Shelton who asked if the couple was married.

“Not yet,” was Amanda’s reply, but to her shock, her beau simply replied “okay,” and pulled a ring out of his pocket as he got down on one knee.

The judges were blown away by the impromptu proposal as the crowd cheered for the new fiancés.

“Did she say yes?” Shelton called over the commotion with a smile, noting in true Shelton style how embarrassing it would have been if she hadn’t. Fellow coach and frenemy Adam Levine even offered up Shelton’s services as an ordained minister, but Jubal opted to just enjoy being engaged for now.

After the couple regained their composure after the intimate moment, they chose Pharrell as their coach. The two walked off stage beaming.

“This is officially the oddest day I’ve ever experienced on this show,” Shelton quipped to the other coaches after they left. Watch the couple's full performance above.

Shelton added a few to his team as well, including country singer Morgan Frazier and former Nashville recording artist Tyler Dickerson.

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