Julianne Hough is just as famous for her voice and acting skills as she is for he sexy moves on a dance floor. The former 'Dancing With the Stars' partner recently wrapped work on the forthcoming remake of 'Footloose,' where she stars alongside actor Kenny Wormald.

While some may have some discomfort in shaking their money maker in front of a cast and crew on set, Hough says it has the complete opposite effect on her. "I have a hard time articulating how I'm feeling," she tells Allure. "It comes out in dance."

"[Kenny and I] had so much fun [on set]," she continues. "Dancing is such a sexy way of feeling a little bit more promiscuous without actually going there. It was such a great feeling to leave and feel like, 'Woo! OK! Where's my boyfriend? I need to call him!'"

Dancing is nothing new for Hough and her entire family, including Derek Hough, her brother and fellow 'Dancing With the Stars' competitor. "Everybody dances," says Hough of her family. "Everybody sings. We're like the blond Osmonds ... growing up in Utah!"

And what about that boyfriend of hers, Ryan Seacrest? "He does," she grins while swaying and making jazz hands. "He does a little bit of this and a little bit of that."

Look for the 'Footloose' movie to hit theaters in October.

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