Unlike some country artists — like Tim McGraw and Carrie Underwood — who make working out a top priority while on the road, Justin Moore says it’s not something he worries about much.

“I wish that I was one of those guys that worked out religiously,” Moore says via his label, Big Machine. “I’m terrible. I think I did so much of it through sports in high school that I just absolutely hated it when I got out. I’ll get on a kick where I work out for two months and then I won’t work out for a year, so I’m pretty terrible about that aspect of the road.”

The "You Look Like I Need a Drink" singer adds that even though he obviously knows working out is a good thing to do, he doesn’t lose sleep over it — or worry about what he eats — if he looks okay overall.

“I tell my wife I’m in terrible shape but as long as I look like I’m in alright shape then I’m probably not gonna do anything about it. I like to drink beer, I like chicken fried steak and I can eat gravy on anything,” he says. “Everything in moderation is okay. Just as long as you don’t get out of control, you’re pretty much alright out on the road.”

Moore will return to the road with Brantley Gilbert on his Take It Outside summer tour beginning in June. Gilbert is known to love lifting weights, so perhaps some of his reps will rub off on Moore. Colt Ford is also joining the guys on tour.

Moore also recently released a western themed video for his latest single “You Look Like I Need a Drink,” which he says, as a Western fan, may be his “favorite video [he’s] ever shot."

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