Kacey Musgraves finds the cutest way possible to tell nosey neighbors to nose someplace else. In “Biscuits” — the first single from her upcoming sophomore album — the Texan makes “Bless your heart” sound like an insult.

Honestly, who can be mad at someone who tells you to “Mind your own biscuits"? Musgraves, Shane McAnally and Brandy Clark penned this mid-tempo acoustic ditty. Sonically, it falls in line with previous singles from Same Trailer, Different Park.

“Takin’ down your neighbor / Won’t take you any higher / I’ve burned my own damn finger pokin’ someone else’s fire / I’ve never gotten taller / Makin’ someone else feel small / If you ain’t got nothin’ nice to say / Don’t say nothin’ at all,” Musgraves sings after a familiar guitar intro.

The same production team returns for this song, and the result is a carbon copy of many of the songs from their Grammy-winning project from 2013. Instead of returning to the storytelling style that she introduced with “Merry Go Round” and “Blowing Smoke,” Musgraves delivers yet another message, as she did in “Follow Your Arrow” and “Keep It to Yourself.” That means she carries a heavier responsibility as the face and voice of the single.

“Just hoe your own row / And raise your own babies / Smoke your own smoke / And grow your own daisies / Mend your own fences / And own your own crazy / Mind your own biscuits / And life will be gravy.”

It’s advice few will disagree with, but a third straight song with a message is sure to cement one's opinion of the 26-year-old.

Why Fans Will Love It: "Biscuits" is an original that could inspire a popular saying for years to come.

Key Lyrics: "Mend your own fences / And own your own crazy / Mind your own biscuits / And life will be gravy"

Did You Know?: Musgraves first shared her "Biscuits" in 2013. She's been playing it live since the latter part of that year.

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