Kacey Musgraves finally broke down and gave her Australian fans the shoey they had been clamoring for — but the singer did it in her own special way.

Musgraves bowed to the Australian tradition while performing in Melbourne, Australia, on Tuesday (May 14) night. The tradition involves taking a shot of alcohol out of a shoe. Luke Bryan previously did it, and even Brothers Osborne did it with their boot.

On Sunday (May 12) night's concert in Sydney, Musgraves denied the crowd's requests while they were chanting "Shoey, shoey!" Musgraves replied in a joking manner, saying, "I'm not f----ing drinking out of your shoe."

But the requests didn't end there. Since Musgraves' shoe had an open toe, meaning it could not hold a drink, someone from the crowd asked her if she would drink out of her band mate's shoe. Musgraves laughed at the request and joked that he may have athlete's foot.

Two days later during another show in Melbourne, Musgraves had a surprise for the crowd. "I guess maybe in Sydney like I wasn't really in the mood," she began. "But it's our last show in Australia so..." Musgraves then picked up a literal glass slipper, "So I'll do one for you!"

The crowd began chanting "Kacey, Kacey!" She downed the entire shot in the princess-like shoe to the delight of fans. She then told the crowd, "So basically, you're welcome!" The crowd erupted in cheers and laughter.

The tradition has been honored by other artists touring through the country. Recently artist Post Malone honored the shoey tradition by drinking from his own shoe that he was wearing on stage. The reactions were mixed from Australians and international fans alike; some believe that it is a disgusting tradition that shouldn't be honored, while some think it is enjoyable and unique.

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