When 12-year-old Kadie Lynn sings, you might as well be in church. That’s what makes her recent performance of Maren Morris’ “My Church” on America’s Got Talent so authentic. Her powerful vocals — radiating joy and passion for performing — come together to create an impressive turn in front of the judges, who were all blown away.

Lynn smiles nearly the entire time she sings the anthem, even accompanying herself on acoustic guitar at the same time. Though she may be far too young to have been around when the names she drops were in their prime, she sings the tune as if they’re familiar friends and delivers it with conviction. Her vocals sound like those of someone at least twice her age, and we’re pretty sure Morris would be flattered by her version.

Lynn has garnered praise since she first stepped on stage on the show, even earning a compliment from country icon Reba McEntire when the artist served as a guest judge. She sang a unique classic Merle Haggard tune earlier in the season, “Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star,” and left judges’ jaws hanging open.

“My Church” was a No. 1 hit and served as the first single from Morris’ debut full-length album with Columbia Nashville, Hero, which has earned her a spot in country music’s biggest rising stars, as well as songwriters. Her second single, the uber-catchy ode to a classic motor vehicle “80s Mercedes” is currently climbing the charts. She and a handful of the biggest female talents in country got together recently to discuss sexism in the industry, in which she was praised by Mickey Guyton for her irreverence in her tunes, namely her use of curse words. She doesn’t find it that controversial, though.

“I’m so flattered when people laugh at my songs because I use the word ‘sh--’ in them, but it shouldn’t be that shocking, because it’s like real-life conversation,” she insists.

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