If there's one thing Kane Brown's wife Katelyn is very good at, it's throwing a huge party — especially for her daughters, Kingsley, 3, and Kodi, 1.

"I live for a party," she confesses on the Bobby Bones Show.

The couple stopped by to talk about their duet "Thank God" and the possibility of more musical collaborations in the future. However, the conversation deviated a bit into their family life after a listener had asked what they should do for their upcoming 1-year-old's birthday.

"I'm probably the wrong person to ask," Katelyn says with a laugh. "I love to throw a party, so for Kingsley's first birthday it was like, over the top."

The couple had an intimate gathering for Kingsley's first birthday in 2020, but the decor was anything but subdued. Katelyn displayed her daughter's name in gigantic, light-up block letters that towered over then-baby Kingsley.

These illuminated displays surrounded by cascading balloons have become a signature look for her parties.

"I feel like a 1-year-old party is definitely like more for the adults. I'm celebrating my first year through motherhood with them," she admits. "So it kind of turns into like an adult party, but it's about the pictures for me. I just love to look back on the moments and have tons of people there and we went all out."

Next, Bones asked Brown what he would say to the listener's husband, who wasn't excited to foot the bill for such an elaborate celebration.

"I would tell the husband that I was there at one point," he concedes while Katelyn snickers. "Then she talked me into it and after we did it, you know, you have the memories and the pictures and it's definitely worth it. It's like a big moment for them."

The tradition of larger-than-life parties has continued with the couple's second daughter, Kodi. Their youngest just turned one over the holiday season and the couple marked the occasion with a rodeo-themed party.

And yes, light-up block letters were present:

Brown is prepping his Drunk or Dreaming Tour, which will kick off in the U.S. on March 16 in Grand Rapids, Mich. The trek will continue through June 10, concluding in Greenwood Village, Colo.

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