Not long he showed photos of his new truck to fans on Instagram, Kane Brown visited with Taste of Country gave all of the details, including why the manufacturer's stereo system is good enough for him.

The "Lose It" singer thinks the truck cost more than his October wedding to Katelyn Jae, but couldn't say for sure. He did share some truck facts that truck people will understand and the rest of us will skip right over:

"A 19-and-a-half-inch lift, all gold underneath. The wheels are gold with a black lip around on 42-inch tires. Twenty eight-inch wheels. I've got white and orange LED lights, it lowers to eight inches ..."

True story: Brown originally built his new ride as a show truck and intended to show it in Las Vegas at SEMA, but he was too busy promoting his Experiment album and touring to actually do it. So now he drives it around town while Katelyn drives Rex, his other truck. The new one is kind of dangerous if you're not tall, because you can't actually see cars in front of you if you're at a stop light, Brown says.

As for the stereo? "Before I got into the music industry, I had a 2002 Honda that wouldn't do over 4,000 RPMs and the most expensive thing on it was the stereo system and it honestly made my mirror fall off and pissed me off because it was already a piece of junk so I was like, 'I'm not doing no more stereo stuff,'" he says.

His truck still needs a name. Brown toyed with OVO, but wouldn't commit. Learn what that stands for in the video above. Then, check out his old truck below.

Kane Brown's Monster Truck Has a First Name:

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