Kane Brown lost nothing. His new single, "Lose It," keeps the radio-ready appeal of each of his last two singles without sacrificing that special something his fans love.

In fact, the first taste of Brown's next studio album should come with ear plugs for anyone hoping to see him live — those ear piercing screams from country girls turned on by his sexy pop-country mix could do some serious damage. It's an intimate, personal lyric that recalls the best of early Florida Georgia Line. Guitars and banjo keep it fresh; Brown is dialed into the modern alt-country thing happening right now on mainstream country radio.

Plans, boots and clothes are all lost by the time Brown quits. Credit his producer for crafting a beat-heavy arrangement that's not a replica of several songs on his self-titled debut album. He's still speaking to the same club friendly, ticket buying audience but doing so more effortlessly than ever! "What Ifs" was huge. "Heaven" was a more middle of the road radio cut. "Lose It" is his career-so-far song.

Did You Know?: On June 6 Kane Brown won his first ever country music award, a Collaborative Video of the Year CMT Award for "What Ifs," his duet with Lauren Alaina.

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Kane Brown, "Lose It" Lyrics:

That little ringing buzzing good for nothing phone in your hands / The directions to the party that's just started with that cover band / That old school radio station, let's just drive until it's faded / Girl, let's lose it, tonight.

Cause when you do that thing right there / Flipping your hair, baby, I swear.

I don't think you know what you're doing to me, you got / My heart skip-skipping a beat tonight / Close enough to there's space between / You and me, let's lose it / The way you're dancing, swaying to the music / Girl, that body and how you move it / Every time you cross my mind / Girl, I lose it / Yeah, I lose it / Yeah, I lose it.

Let's start with them Lucchese, baby, kick 'em to the floorboard / And bobby pins holding your hair up, girl, you don't need 'em no more / That dress hanging off your shoulder as you move a little closer / Yeah, let's lose it, tonight.

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