Katelyn Brown decided to have a little fun with some of her famous friends in a prank video she created for her TikTok account.

In the video below, Brown Facetimes some friends and family including her husband Kane Brown, her mom,  "Rowdy” singer RaeLynn and Brittany Aldean. When each one answers in turn, Katelyn breaks the bad news: “Starbucks is going out of business,” she repeats to each person.

It may be the case that Katelyn is a known prankster, as some people seemed to have a sense that she was up to something. “Are you pulling some sh-t on me?” RaeLynn asks.

One friend in particular, though, did slip into a mild state of panic. “What the f--k do you mean?” Aldean demands, wide-eyed, after Katelyn breaks the news. Aldean’s surprise seems to be the concern of a good friend. “Isn’t that like your second home? Is this for real?” she continues, implying that the beloved coffee chain’s closing means particularly bad news for Katelyn.

Whether out of sympathy for unsettling Aldean or simply because she could no longer keep it together, Katelyn quickly explains, “I’m doing a TikTok and I needed your reaction,” much to the relief of Aldean. The two then share in the laughter as Katelyn says through giggles, “I love you so much.”

In addition to being a full-time mom and running her own swimsuit line, Katelyn seems to be a big prankster, and she may have learned it from hubby Kane. She was recently on the opposite end of his "trick question" prank, among other pranks he's pulled on her during their quarantine downtime.

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