Keith Urban and his fellow Season 13 'American Idol' judges added to their very busy week when they dropped by 'Ellen' to discuss all the fun they've been having and how big of fans they are of each other. 

Of course, Ellen DeGeneres is no stranger to 'American Idol.' After all, the comedian replaced Paula Abdul during the show's 9th season. She invited the three judges to visit her show on Wednesday (Jan. 15) for a hilarious interview and a quick game of Heads Up, which is one of DeGeneres' favorite apps. They acted out Jennifer Lopez giving birth, strip club and a kissing booth, getting the crowd (and DeGeneres') approval.

DeGeneres still seems to be a fan of the show -- and its judges. She doted over Lopez's return, telling the singer her she usually always agrees with what she says on the show. The host also complimented Urban's new short locks and asked him if it was a scary thing for him to do.

"No, it wasn't," the Australian shared. "Nic [wife Nicole Kidman] encouraged me a bit which was kind of nice ... She was like 'If you don’t like it, it’ll grow back. It’s just hair.'”

DeGeneres also professed her love for Connick, Jr., but said he was already aware of her feelings. The singer seemed to be genuinely happy and enjoying his time with Urban and Lopez.

"They're the coolest people. They’re laid back," he confessed. "We're having so much fun. It really is a lot of fun." DeGeneres did poke a little fun at him, saying she loved that some people still don't know who he is. "Oh, it's awesome," Connick, Jr. said, laughing.

The 'American Idol' judges have chemistry and are comfortable enough to poke fun at one another -- Connick, Jr. even took a few minutes to tease Urban's Aussie accent. "I can do it. I can speak Australian," he said in his worst Australian voice while Urban and Lopez laughed.

Despite his frequent joking, Connick, Jr. is pleased to have joined the judges on 'American Idol' and admires them both -- and respects the show they represent. “It’s exactly what you would want a great show like ‘American Idol' to be like."

Watch the Season 13 'Idol' Judges on 'Ellen'