Keith Urban is a frequent performer on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, and the superstar has shared some backstage footage from a recent evening on the hallowed stage.

"I love playing here. I always have," Urban says. "When you go out and stand on that cirlce, it's just a 'hello' feeling that you don't really know what it is until you go out there and do it. I always say it's like becoming a father -- you can explain it, but you can't explain it."

Urban -- who was inducted into the Opry in 2012 -- performed five songs during his most recent appearance, including two selections from his most recent album, 'Fuse.' He also shared some insights into the upcoming season of 'American Idol,' which is set for a special two-night premiere beginning Jan. 7 on FOX.

"I'm excited about the season, because the singers are really good," he observes. "The hard part for us is going to be narrowing it down, 'cause we've got about 220-something people that we sent to Hollywood. I think it's going to make for a very strong and eclectic group by the time we get to the live shows."

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