When the gorgeous Nicole Kidman arrived on the red carpet in Los Angeles for the Screen Actors Guild Awards, there was one viewer in particular who was completely captivated by the slender star. Keith Urban, her devoted husband, was watching the Sag Awards on TV in Sydney, and when he saw his gorgeous wife on the screen, he admits he cried.

"I was telling Nic before that when we finally got into Sydney, I got to the house, flicked on the TV and I got to see my wife (at the Sag Awards), I got to see what she was wearing," Urban says, explaining why he got emotional. "I hit pause on one shot and stood there staring at her... and started crying. I hated the fact she was there without me, on her own. Ridiculous, right?"

It's not ridiculous at all; in fact, it's heartwarming to see a superstar couple with such deep affection for each other. And, the New Zealand-born 'American Idol' judge probably racked up some brownie points with his wife for admitting such a sweet story.

The country star will likely get some quality alone time with his wife now, as they were able to reunite in Sydney earlier this week. Urban is finishing up some re-scheduled shows in flood-stricken Australia, and will head out on his North American headlining tour this summer. Hopefully, the next time the red carpet rolls out, they'll be there together.