Keith Urban literally found his guitarist in the crowd on Saturday night (July 2) in Gilford, N.H. The country superstar pulled Rob from the audience, handed him his Fender guitar and then tried to keep up as the young man played "Good Thing" like he wrote it.

Afterward, Urban admitted that it's always a risk when you pull a fan out of the crowd. In fact, it's clear from the video that his band was not prepared for a full version of the song from the Fuse album. They weren't even on stage at the beginning.

When it became apparent that Rob could play, they joined in and together put on quite a show, with the "amateur" soloing twice and following all of Urban's cues. He handed the guitar back to Urban after his showcase and returned to his spot near the front, right next to a girlfriend he is no doubt very grateful for.

She was the one who caught Urban's attention, holding a sign that read "It's my boyfriend's birthday." Rob is Robert Joyce, and he wanted to play Urban's guitar to celebrate his big day. We found him on YouTube, and he proves he's more than just a one-song shredder. His cover of Urban's introduction to "Who Wouldn't Wanna be Me" is spot on.

The Ripcord Tour played a second show in Gilford on Sunday night. Urban's next stop is in Canada. The first of two shows in Toronto will take place on Friday night. Brett Eldredge and Maren Morris will open most.

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