Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert take it to the fans in their video for 'We Were Us.'

The well-coiffed twosome have delivered a deceptively simple video that finds them performing side-by-side and making lots of eye contact as they sing and share a microphone in front of a small circle of fans.

Those fans are bobbing their heads in time with the music and pumping their fists in the air while singing along. It's a mini hoedown, for sure.

Actually, it's more like Urban and Lambert are giving a private concert for about 100 of their closest friends and fans. The fact that the fans surround them on the floor level, as opposed to being separated by a stage, barriers, bouncers and production, gives the video an intimate, homey, sincere vibe.

There is no plot footage and no extraneous narrative bogging down the clip. It's just Keith Urban knuckling down on his guitar and Miranda Lambert rocking out alongside him like there's no other place she'd rather be, her golden locks flailing about. That's what makes the video so electrifying.

Ultimately, the fact that the video is so straightforward is what makes it so effective, since it allows the viewer to focus on the song and the duo's vocal chemistry.

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