Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have always stressed family above all else, making professional commitments just as long as they aren't away from their 2-year-old daughter, Sunday Rose, for long periods of time. So it comes at no surprise that when the Sydney Morning Herald inquires if the pair may possibly expand their family, Kidman replies, "We're hoping for another one!"

"Time is the most precious thing," Kidman adds. "I'm very particular about how I spend it. I'm more reluctant to leave my family. Keith and I are very tight, and we're never separated. If we are, it's no more than three days."

Urban and Kidman live in Tennessee, but were both raised in Australia. If their second is as cute as Sunday Rose, they'll have another hybrid of both worlds. "She says both 'hi ya'll' and 'g'day mate,'" Kidman proudly explains of her daughter's vernacular.

Urban has been busy promoting his November 2010 released album, 'Get Closer,' and supporting his wife's new film, 'Rabbit Hole,' which received limited release in the US. The film will appear again in selective theaters on Jan. 14.

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