Keith Urban's 'Without You' is a sticky-sweet love song about commitment and co-dependence -- presumably a dedication to his leading lady, Nicole Kidman.

We assume that Urban is singing straight into his A-list actress wife's eyes in this song from his 2010 album, 'Get Closer,' because the lyrics describe what seems to be a husband, wife and daughter situation -- which is fitting for family man Urban, who now has two daughters. Not to mention, the chorus outlines the 'Somebody Like You' singer's life story almost perfectly:

"The traveling / The singing / It don't mean nothing without you / The fast cars / The guitars / They are all just second to / This life, this love / That you and I have been dreaming of for so long / Would all be as good as gone / Without you."

But we're wrong. Shockingly, Urban tells The Boot that although the majority of his latest album is about his family life, 'Without You' is one he didn't write. "It really is my life story," he says, adding, "It's crazy -- the fast cars and the guitars and the little girl coming along. It's an amazing song, and I would have never allowed myself to write it."

In any case, 'Without You' fits well with the rest of the album, which Urban says is full of love. "There's just more love in this album, and that permeated everything and made the music deeper."

"I felt a tremendous sense of balance in my life as a husband, a father and a musician who gets to go and try to capture all that and harness it to create something," Urban says.

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