Kelleigh Bannen gave a fiery performance when she stopped by Taste of Country's studio in Nashville recently to perform her latest song, "Deluxe."

Bannen is one of country music's most unapologetically unique singer-songwriters and performers, and her performance in the clip above showcases everything that's different and special about her, from her voice and unbridled energy to her fashion sense. She gives a spirited performance of the song, which celebrates the qualities that make a lover a cut above any other.

"Deluxe / 22 percent tipper / Buffet dinner on a date night just because / Like to do it on 10 / You can say that again / You don't scrimp on the good stuff / Gold-plated, baby / First rated ain't we / I can't get enough of this love 'cause it's so / Deluxe," she sings in the chorus.

Bannen co-wrote "Deluxe" with Danielle Blakey, and it's the first new music fans have heard since her three-song EP The Joneses, which garnered millions of streams and included “Happy Birthday,” “The Joneses” and “John Who.” All three of those songs debuted on Sirius XM’s The Highway, making Bannen the first artist to ever debut three songs on the program simultaneously.

That kind of innovative career strategy led NPR to spotlight Bannen in a piece titled "A Portrait of a Subtly Changing Nashville From 25 Angles," pointing her out as an artist who is "particularly resourceful" in applying the lessons she learned from a major label deal to her career as an independent artist.

Bannen is also the host and producer of the podcast This Nashville Life, for which she interviews a number of Music City insiders about the ins and outs of the country music industry.

For more information about Kelleigh Bannen, visit her official website, or keep up with her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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