Kelleigh Bannen is pregnant! The singer and Today's Country Radio host, who is 42 years old, is expecting her first child — a baby girl — with her husband Jeff Grossman, according to People.

The couple have been married for nearly two decades.

"In a million years I would have never been able to predict that we'd be expecting our first baby within a month of our 20th wedding anniversary — at 42," Bannen tells People.

"Jeff and I went through a lot to get here, and it just makes us that much more thankful that we get to experience the gift of becoming parents. I wake up every morning counting down the weeks until we get to meet our baby girl," she adds. "This whole season has felt so precious and hopeful."

Bannen documents her pregnancy in the music video for her new song "I Know Better Now," which follows the couple through their long journey to parenthood, beginning with shots of their wedding.

The black-and-white music video continues with a montage of shots of Bannen and Grossman together, and as the music kicks off, the camera pans to Bannen singing in a living room. Wearing a flowing dress and accompanied by piano and strings, she sings her tender ballad about the often-painful process of growing up, and the lessons learned through that evolution.

As the video continues, the montage of family photos and videos start showing Bannen undergoing what appears to be the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF): We see her giving herself injections, and preparing for a surgical procedure, perhaps an egg retrieval.

Finally Bannen walks into a house and greets her husband with a hug, before the two sit down together on a couch. In the final frames of the video, the camera pans over to an end table, where a sonogram photograph of their unborn baby is laid.

According to People, "I Know Better Now" will be included on a yet-to-be-announced new album from Bannen — her first release since her 2019 album, Favorite Colors.

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