Kelleigh Bannen has moves on four wheels, and she proves it in her "Welcome to the Party" video.

The video is set at a Rivergate Skate Rink in Nashville. Bannen and her friends skate, play arcade games and fool around at the concession counter. Keep a close eye out for Taste of Country’s own Sam Alex in the video. The Taste of Country Nights radio host is one of Bannen’s skating partners. He’s in several scenes, but his big moment comes at 2:26, when he has his arm around the singer.

Wait a second ... Is she holding him up?!

Blythe Thomas directed Bannen’s "Welcome to the Party" music video. It’s a nostalgic blast for anyone who grew up reverse skating, or hugging the sides of the rink. The singer looks good on four wheels as she sings about bouncing back from a bad romance. Scenes from the skate room are particularly compelling — we always wondered what it looked like back there!

Bannen documents her adventures and thoughts on being a country music singer in Nashville at her This Nashville Life blog. She also recently started a podcast called This Nashville Life. Her new EP is called Cheap Sunglasses.

Taste of Country Nights is a country radio show that broadcasts live from Nashville to 75 radio stations nationwide. Alex is the host, but country's biggest stars make regular appearances.

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