Sincere love songs fit Kellie Pickler like a tailored red carpet gown. ‘Closer to Nowhere’ is a big, stirring ballad from the ‘The Woman I Am’ album. Her romantic story talks of getting lost with a lover at the edge of town.

We can go somewhere where you gotta get all dressed up / Or throw on some jeans and go somewhere and get messed up,” the North Carolina native sings to begin the song. “Gotta be something we can get into downtown / Oh, one of them nights when the neon lights never go down.”

It’s a vocal showcase, and producers Frank Liddell and Luke Wooten do little to disturb her performance. The arrangement builds like a grand symphony, but it’s Pickler’s delivery that drives the emotion. A great song feels as if the singer is the only one who could cut it properly.

It’s difficult to ignore the 27-year-old’s sincerity and personal connection when she sings: “We can go someplace where there ain’t nobody around us / Take a ride out there where the stars look a little more crowded / Come on now, tell me what you think about it / We can go anywhere / As long as it’s somewhere / A little closer to nowhere.

Lyrically, 'Closer to Nowhere’ fits the quiet, country-lovin’ theme so many male artists have made popular during the last 18 months, but the strength of Pickler’s vocals will allow this song to stand out -- perhaps above the rest.

Why Fans Will Love It: Since getting married, Pickler has shown great capacity for creating warm love songs. This big ballad is very endearing.

Key Lyrics: "We can go anywhere  / As long as it’s somewhere / A little closer to nowhere"

Did You Know?: Kellie Pickler has had ear, nose, tongue and naval piercings. She told USA Today she got her nostril pierced while on tour with Taylor Swift. She and Gloriana's Rachel Reinert had a wild night out and both got tattoos.

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