Kellie Pickler has a new boss in fellow country star Faith Hill, and she doesn't mind one bit. In a new interview, Pickler says Hill is "an amazing boss" who "works harder than anyone I know."

Hill is the executive producer of Pickler's new talk show, Pickler & Ben, which pairs her with Emmy winner Ben Aaron for a mix of “top celebrities, tastemakers and experts on everything from entertaining and home design to cooking, DIY and more,” according to a press release. The show just debuted, and Pickler marvels at Hill's energy, enthusiasm and work ethic.

"The whole crew and staff -- everyone from the script writers to Faith Hill as an executive producer -- is amazing," Pickler tells Billboard. "She’s such a creative woman and an amazing boss. They’ve been working on it for about three years, and Ben and I came on board with it last year."

Hill's contributions to the show are not entirely behind the scenes, Pickler says. In addition to her work as an executive producer, Hill also brings her own touch to the set, which is made up to look like a farmhouse.

"I wish that people could have seen Faith designing the set, even bringing pieces from her home," Pickler says. "She’s so involved in the show, and so invested in it in every way, shape and form. She has made the studio feel like a home. It doesn’t actually feel like a studio."

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Pickler shares that the set is so homy, she recently stayed after finishing a taping and sat in the front porch swing, "just soaking it all in -- thinking how I couldn’t believe this was all happening. I really hope that people enjoy the show. We want to be a bright light on television. I really think it will be a nice break from everything going on in the world -- just for one hour."

"Executive Producer" is sometimes an honorary title given to someone who lends their name or credibility to a television or movie project so investors or a studio will back it without doing any actual work on the production, but Pickler stresses that's far from the case with Hill.

"She works harder than anyone I know," she states. "She and [husband] Tim [McGraw] are in the middle of doing their Soul2Soul Tour, and every moment she is off the road, she is in the studio. She works around the clock. She’s unreal, and totally wonderful."

Hill and Dolly Parton both made unannounced cameos on Pickler & Ben as a surprise for their debut episode recently. Hill, who just turned 50, is also working on a joint album with McGraw, and Pickler is moving forward with new music after parting ways with Black River Entertainment in 2016. In a recent episode of her CMT reality show, I Love Kellie Pickler, the former American Idol contestant revealed that she is forming her own record label to release her next studio album independently.

For information about Pickler & Ben's air schedule or tickets to the show's tapings, visit the show's website.

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