Kellie Pickler isn't shy about how much she loves animals. And even though she already has four 'kids' at home -- including three dogs and a python named Boots -- that's just not enough to keep Pickler's animal obsession at bay. Unfortunately, the '100 Proof' hitmaker dished to People Pets recently that she's going to have to reign in her desire to pick up every adorable stray furball she finds, because her husband, songwriter Kyle Jacobs, has finally put his foot down.

Two years ago at the CMA Music Festival, Pickler dished to People that she had been pulling her tour bus over every time she saw a stray pet on the side of the road. Her soft spot for homeless animals got so out of control that she started giving some pets away to reliable fans and taking others home with her.

"If I see a dog sitting anywhere on the road, I'm going to put him on the bus and find him a home," the 'Tough' singer said. "I've been notoriously known for giving animals away at concerts."

But with four pets already lounging around the house, Pickler's husband is doing everything he can to keep the couple's Nashville home from looking like an animal adoption agency.

"My husband will not let me have any more animals than we do now," Pickler admits. "He never knows when the bus rolls up at home, I open the bus door, and he's wondering what critter's going to crawl off of there now."

The couple's most recent publicized rescue effort came last year when Pickler stumbled upon an injured pit bull, who suffered a broken pelvis and a venomous snake bite. Instead of calling animal control, the tender-hearted country gal took the pup home and nursed him back to health. That was the easy part, though. The real difficulty came when Pickler had to find a good home for the dog.

"I love being able to take in rescue dogs, rescue animals," Pickler says. "But the sad thing is when you get attached to them and you have to give them away...I was very, very attached to [Chunk]. I was very sad to see him leave," explained an emotional Pickler.

Currently, the '100 Proof' star is preparing to play the fair circuit in the U.S. and Canada for the next few weeks. Hopefully, she'll grant her husband's wishes to keep stray dogs (and pigs, cows, horses and rabbits) out of the tour bus.