Country cutie Kellie Pickler is all heart. While much of the world was BBQing and celebrating America's independence, the singer and former 'American Idol' contestant spent her holiday weekend rescuing a pit bull that was left in pretty bad shape. The dog had a broken pelvis and was bitten by a venomous snake, but Chunk -- as Pickler named the chocolate-colored pup -- has a happy ending: He is now the latest member of the Pickler family!

Pickler posted this initial tweet on July 3: "A pit bull (at vet) w/broken pelvis & venomous snake bite will be a part of our family if he makes it through the night. Poor lil guy. : ("

She followed it up on July 4, writing this post: "*Update* Pit bull is Okay. On the way to pick him up now PRAYING he gets along w/our other dogs or we'll have to find him another home. Meet our latest rescue 'Chunk!'"

Pickler also posted a photo of Chunk, seen above, who looks like a big and lovable boy. Let's hope he gets along with the other Pickler canines so that she can keep him. At least we know Pickler will place him in a good home if there are any issues, and she might even take to Twitter to help locate a loving family for Chunk if that scenario presents itself.

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