As Kelsea Ballerini prepares for the March 20 release of her new album, Kelsea, the country music hitmaker is grappling with the fact that she will be traveling extensively across the United States in the coming weeks.

If she's worried about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, she's doing what she can to protect herself.

"Pushing 20 flights in the next few weeks for album release," Ballerini writes on her Instagram page, alongside a video that shows her (jokingly?) covering herself head-to-toe in plastic and holding disinfectant wipes.

"This is me now," she says.

While some might chuckle at Ballerini's attempts to 'protect' herself from the virus, the reality of the situation is no laughing matter. Currently, coronavirus has killed more than 3,100 people throughout the world, with a reported 58 people in the United States battling the sickness. Those numbers are expected to rise in the coming days and weeks.

According to the World Health Organization, the best way to keep from contracting the disease is to wash your hands thoroughly, and try your best not to get too close to someone who might be infected.

For Ballerini, the show must go on.

The recent ACM nominee for Female Artist of the Year has a packed schedule in front of her as she preps for the release of an album that she says might be her most honest work to date.

"As I grow up, as a woman and an artist, I’ve felt myself changing my perspective, from my view on love and life, to how love and life make me feel,” she says in a recent press release. “Naturally that turns more personal, more therapeutic and more rewarding. This album is honest, it’s country, it’s experimental, it’s fun, it’s introspective, and it’s 100 percent me. It’s the album that’s puts us on a first name basis."

Ballerini just shared a new song from Kelsea called "Hole in the Bottle." It's her first-ever drinking song.

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